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Recital in Brooklyn, NY


"As a parent it was very magical to see how my boys went from absolutely no music skills to playing some chords and a simple song within 1 month.   We have 2 lessons a week because the boys love the classes.  Sam is a great teacher for children especially because his energy is off the charts and really makes my kids so at ease.   He has a good intuition on what makes kids motivated.   We are really happy with our lessons." 

- Roseann, mother of Reece and Miles, Brooklyn, NY

"Sam is in tune with my needs as a guitarist and consistently challenges me at my level.  His lessons enrich my knowledge and playing of the instrument. It is always exciting to leave a lesson inspired and engaged with new material when it comes to my guitar playing practice and song-writing!" 

- Caitlin, 30 years old, Somerville, MA

"The online sessions were great. You are just as engaging virtually as in person!"

-Y.G., Brooklyn, NY

"Sam is the perfect guitar instructor for our son. Like most young kids our 7-year-old tends to get distracted but Sam is able to reign him in and get him to focus for a solid 45 minutes (ok, maybe 40). With his enthusiasm, experience and knowledge Sam connects with our son, making note of what he's interested in and what he responds to to better shape the lessons. Our son loves playing the guitar and is extremely proud of his accomplishments since working with Sam. We as parents are pretty proud too."

- Natasha S, mother of Rhys, Brooklyn, NY

​"We are very happy with Sam.  We started when our son was 6 years old, he felt very comfortable with Sam, and having a good time was what it was all about.  So far he has had 2 concerts with the others that Sam is teaching, and it was an all around positive experience.  If you are looking for an easy going, patient, motivated instructor, who is open to lots of different music styles, Sam is perfect!  We highly recommend him!"

-Christine, mother of Shan, Brooklyn, NY

"The boys were always excited for Sam to come.  Sam treated the boys as individuals and really cared about what their interests were in music and followed their lead.  Sam was always patient and calm with the boys. He kept it fun and easy.  I can't say enough great things about Sam. Your kids would be lucky to have him as a teacher."

-Sue, mother of Finn and Duncan, Wellesley, MA


"It was a wonderful experience for our whole family!  Sam was able to connect with Harry as a person and Harry always truly enjoyed his lessons.  Sam is an excellent teacher, Harry learned so much and his love of music was fostered by the lessons."

-Alix A., mother of Harry, Newton, MA


 "He was amazing with my son.  Always well-prepared, patient, and you could tell he really enjoyed teaching."  

-Amber, mother of 7 year old Alister, Austin, TX

"Thanks for all your work with Tim. You’ve made such an impact on his music journey. We appreciate you so much!"

-Ana E., Brooklyn, NY, mother of 15 year old, Tim C

Sam and Harry, a budding young student/guitar god, after a recital in Boston

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